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  • What I was doing when you texted me

    rarms in a continuous lin,, No bad<cushions. TRIYlA: cabraole legsoftl!nreferencethe hmbs of dogs or lions<br>Vlllf.:<br><br>cabrlole<br><br>chesterfi'eld<br>VIBE: 19th-century gentlemen's club. TitAITS, M ynad tufts for· quiltedeffea. Low-slung Rolled arms equal height of baek Oftenleather.No back cushions. TIIIVIA: l'urportedlydesignedto allowmen to s.t straight,so their suits wouldn'twnnkle<br><br>\s<br>Lawson<br>VIBE: ~,can<br><br>I<br><br>l'¾jw l - m<br>camelback<br>VIBt: 18th-century formal;upnght.andcrisp. TRAm : Subtle at center of frame.Square<br><br>casual, cozinessfirst.<br><br>TRAITS : f,rmty stufftd. with three back<br><br>cushions. Armslowerthan back, can be e,ther rolled0t square Often skirted TRIVIA:Saldto ha~ been designedfor comfort-ieelcing financ,erThomasW.Lawson aroundthe turn of the 20th century<br><br>arms about same height as bac k. Exp
  • Genesong

    j<br>1.<br><br>J ]1·<br>'v<br><br>j<br>ditch cime hound<br><br>i<br><br>JJJ<br>v<br>parched ache end In jull suave<br><br>,_<br><br>j<br>shine ace skids<br><br>J<br>slut? bree! brat!<br><br>2.<br><br>3.<br><br>Chull Slee Buys<br><br>spores bombed fourth yill odd pot long hur bide<br><br>v<br>Term Eye Eye<br>G<br><br>rest herd gourd<br><br>lobe cook parts<br><br>sod dir red<br><br>bun realm na<br><br>sullland den<br><br>up sure doubt<br><br>rent place pit<br><br>shut! pee. chat!<br><br>Fai Scanned Polled<br>G<br><br>mere jit yeah<br><br>lee yat nace - den hace - prom<br><br>propped ghost urge<br><br>phess - heed brull gen am pnme<br><br>shool jut stint<br><br>gut. wee. prat.<br><br>v<br>Butts Kay Lug sketch spot holds end fir revs fir gool aft<br>52<br><br>Ip chides eye<br><br>praI owe etch<br><br>chaw saw ink<br><br>peed ah nut<br><br>vut! lee! crat.<br><br>C<br><br>'<br>F<br><br>1<br>Schnooks<br>I I I r-"'<br><br>j<br>hace<br><br>J<br>shill<br>I<br>II<br>II<br><br>. Q,<br><br>I<br><br>J.<br><br>l<br>pale<br><br>l<br>swill.<br><br>caught gush<br><br>, ,,<br>i!\<br><br>\ .,<br><br>I a1<br><br>.J·<br>Hee-<br><br>I<br><br>!!.... .-<br><br>V<br><br>, I<br>I<br><br>,:<br><br>I<br><br>·<br><br>0<br><br>I
  • so sorry

    l. <br><br> Sorry for the delayed response, it took me until this morning to properly recover from last semester, and digest your previous email. <br><br> <br>187 188<br><br>Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 1:26 PM<br><br>Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 7:02 PM<br><br> ! I'm sorry I didn't get to say bye in person. <br><br>
  • Fauna of Sloogia

    .....36 Laaihapuhos......37 Aphaoebus Gohutaiuihus......38 Pridictouasaum Aeioeceeca......39 Acaodriolus Faiisis......40 Caeaota Phyieuaha......41 Boiytrohos......42 Oiaonis......43 Reiola Paceiutaaliae......44 Caoiaemeioba Tigausis......45 Biahora Drahephisis......46 Meepoanadus Muoritohices......47 Cuuuiaga Coaoteus......48 Hiuriuox Tueanulis......49 Goouaobus......50<br><br>Oiaaisis Faepihynix<br><br>1<br><br>Aidsohrunix<br><br>2<br><br>Paooiosisis<br><br>3<br><br>Ecuoda<br><br>4<br><br>Chophauharus Naoila<br><br>5<br><br>Didaiaphienix<br><br>6<br><br>Phaoaca Paiihys<br><br>7<br><br>Poracuira Bathuagax<br><br>8<br><br>Papieayupis<br><br>9<br><br>Fuitehys Riibaiites<br><br>10<br><br>Peauhias Eiuhoobus<br><br>11<br><br>Sotuutriiroyi Rulicuiuhon<br><br>12<br><br>Boraoiohos<br><br>13<br><br>Hieuilis Plaoex<br><br>14<br><br>Voacieuogo<br><br>15<br><br>Aaiioasius Culageohos<br><br>16<br><br>Chlahthyiiusis Tisisymus<br><br>17<br><br>Pitheeta<br><br>18<br><br>Anailis Hutaigiae<br><br>19<br><br>Lucecitrisus Suoiuli<br><br>20<br><br>Tocu
  • I feel it lets me use my imagination more

    can't.<br> Look Rock<br> That's something we don't understand.<br> Pick up Lantern<br> Don't know how to "Pick up"<br> Pull Coin<br> Don't know how to "Pull"<br> Go North<br> You are in a rocky bar.<br> There are some useful items here.<br> Go East<br> You are in a rocky cafeteria.<br> There are some items here.<br> Go West<br> You are in a dusty bar.<br> There are some things here.<br> Talk Old Man<br> Confused? Type "Help" for instructions.<br> Look Letter<br> Don't know how to "Look" something.<br> Go East<br> You are in a shadowy cavern.<br> There are some objects here.<br> Pick up Object<br> Confused? Type "Help" for instructions.<br> Take Door<br> That's something we don't understand.<br> Go South<br> You are in a dusty cafeteria.<br> There are some potential traps here.<br> Look Rope<br> You have died!<br> Restart<br><br>Welcome to Cave Quest II: The
  • 50000 Meters To Centre-Ville

    |<br>| |<br>| |<br>| |<br>| | |<br>| |<br>| |<br>|
  • Watching Procedural Rain on the Window

    / / / <br> / / plit // / / <br> / plat / / <br> / splip / / / / <br> splat / / / / / <br> / plap / <br> splat / / / /<br> / splot / / / / // / <br> / / plit / // / / <br>/ / / /// plop / / /
  • Pondering Life In The Infinite Desert

    t North. Sand.<br>Went North. Sand.<br>Went South. Sand.<br>Went South. Sand.<br>"hmmmmmmmmm..."<br>Went North. Sand.<br>Went East. Sand.<br>Went East. Sand.<br>Went South. Sand.<br>Went South. Sand.<br>Went West. Sand.<br>Went West. Sand.<br>Went South. Sand.<br>Went West. Sand.<br>Went South. Sand.<br>Went East. Sand.<br>Went West. Sand.<br>"hmmmmmmmm..."<br>Went East. Sand.<br>Went South. Sand.<br>Went West. Sand.<br>Went West. Sand.<br>Went North. Sand.<br>Went North. Sand.<br>Went North. Sand.<br>Went East. Sand.<br>Went South. Sand.<br>Went West. Sand.<br>Went East. Sand.<br>Went North. Sand.<br>Went West. Sand.<br>Went West. Sand.<br>Went North. Sand.<br>"hm..."<br>Went South. Sand.<br>Went South. Sand.<br>Went North. Sand.<br>Went East. Sand.<br>Went North. Sand.<br>Went North. Sand.<br>Went South. Sand.<br>Went North. Sand.<br>Went South. Sand.<br>Went North. Sand.<br>Went South. Sand.<br>Went East. Sand.<br>Went No
  • 50433

    <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  • Pride and Prejudice and Innuendo

    ld not determine whether the silent contempt of the gentleman, or the insolent smiles of the ladies, were more intolerable.<br>The rest of the evening brought her little amusement. She was teazed by Mr. Collins, who continued most perseveringly by her side, and though he could not prevail with her to $*#% with him again, put it out of her power to @*&# with others. In vain did she entreat him to stand up with somebody else, and offer to introduce him to any young lady in the room. He assured her that as to $%@#ing, he was perfectly indifferent to it; that his chief object was by delicate attentions to recommend himself to her, and that he should therefore make a point of remaining close to her the whole evening. There was no arguing upon such a project. She owed her greatest relief to her fri
  • Dark I

    een prepared. I fancied that I perceived. I here started as he spoke. I now saw him--what he was. I shall not die of a cough. I had completed the eighth. I may answer your question. I fancied that each shadow. I did not fail to see that. I thought an urgent manner. I am now rapidly departing. I quickly unclosed my eyes. I at once saw could not be. I cautiously moved forward. I proceeded for many paces. I am cognizant of my state. I was not within the vault. I had been unable to solve. I could not help observing. I am but fulfilling a duty. I shall not venture to say. I stab you where you stand. I refrained and kept still. I dragged him to the floor. I foamed--I raved--I swore. I spoke to her of marriage. I held them in every light. I strived to decypher them. I supposed him intoxicated. I
  • A Primer in Gont Poetics

    ing of this glyph is unknown.<br><br>letuke The correct reading of this glyph is unknown.<br><br>likeposoka The primary meaning of this symbol is `chemistry'.<br><br>lukasa The main reading of the word is `darkness'. A different reading is `planet'.<br><br>pamisole The main meaning of this word is `rock'.<br><br>Codex Valmouth LVIII<br><br>This work is a composite of two partial works, one identified beneath Lotin Crater, and the other found in the ruins south of Sorra Linea.<br><br>Transcription<br>lisapusoka sesusimitu sosatemi tukopatima mutopasase sikuta pulesa solale sasalelopa misusosaka mapokasuke kusasetopi<br><br>Gloss<br>fusion mixes with a trapezium / [...] tests a settlement / [...] disagrees with information / the atmosphere transports [...] 619<br><br>620<br><br>CODEX VALMOUTH LVIII<br><br>Vocabulary<br>kusasetopi Certain carvings182 imply that `the
  • Underwrite in an unconnected and rhapsodistic state

    that,<br> consequently, it cannot, therefore, be distinguished, from an antinomy with which<br>the voice of the ...<br>--- Chapter 13 --- <br>Sobering thought, is it in<br> this place.]<br>But this a-uenture and alle hire foos it herde, he swor and seide how alle were come oute?" Seide the child. 'Won't know...' I whispered, as you, prince paris, nothing but labour-insects,<br>and all feasts and<br>holidays from his<br>face torn to thee!<br>Lo, lyk a gold-digger,' he said. Then after a decent studio. All on an<br>unavoidable law of empirical, we<br>shall take of hym<br>that sorweful is, amonges folk for evere!<br>What maner nede that thow mette with speres, and many<br>another twig that i, 'i am mightily pleased with life and condition and conditioned would always distinguish to what<br>ende they shul been wasted with hung
  • Captain's Log

    <br> We set sail from Deshima, heading southwest to Sangora.<br> <br><br> April, 1768<br> <br><br> The crew’s rum ration barely deserves the name, sometimes I worry they can smell my special reserves on my breath.<br> <br><br> April, 1768<br> <br><br> Able seaman Smith has gone blind after drinking a foul-smelling liquor distilled from old boots. The crew are getting desparate.<br> <br><br> We arrived at Sangora after 2 days’ sailing. The people here are tedious and dreaming, recognised for their imbecilic architecture.<br> <br><br> April, 1768<br> <br><br> We set sail from Sangora, heading north to Kedgeree.<br> <br><br> April, 1768<br> <br><br> Our rum is all but exhausted, the rousing sea shanties that used to herald our passage are mere echoes in my mind.<br> <br><br> We arrived at Kedgeree after 1 days
  • A thoroughfare [] beat Across the wilderness

    <p>A thoroughfare [] beat Across the wilderness<br /> <br /> Pathway of long-distance fiberoptic internet service provider cabling, as followed by Google Streetview. Coast-to-coast line (New York Stock Exchange to Googleplex)<br /> &nbsp;</p>
  • Out abasement aa Aeons

    ments sighed, as<br> adornments bucolic aa culinary brunette auburn abashment blondeness. And accompanies apprenticed weeks<br> passed, abhor aa accusers chafe aboriginal anvil tearing accounting bothers abase aa wicked<br> 'Squire Hardman chuckling devilishly.<br> Chapter VII<br><br> Happy Ever Afterward<br><br>One ag aa wealthy heiress Ermengarde S. Van Itty hombre a affinities second<br> assistant chauffeur. Struck absorptive aeronaut baseball abdomen ablest face, adornments looked<br> aesthetically abase gasped. Lo! abeyance abductor apsidal adhesiveness acolyte aa perfidious Algernon<br> Reginald Jones, asserts adornments aberrations demise absconding a booze aped abounding aberrancy invigorating day!<br> He aberrations disarray - abuse adores abductor
  • Dear Santa

    times a week working at the racetrack 😒<br>i want that.<br>i want to die.<br>I want to bcome a wife who befits my husband" - Playful kiss<br>I want one nowww !<br>I want to marry and have children with and grow old with he is my love my heart my soul<br>I want it or not<br>I want the Most recent news as default!!!<br>I want em fat and juicy 😩<br>I WANT TO CRY FOREVER AND NOT GET READY<br>I want chocolate donuts🙄🍩<br>I want to be around black excellence. I need to be around black excellence.<br>i want the liquor.<br>i want to cry<br>I WANT YOUR BODY)<br>I want him around all the time lol<br>I want smh .<br>I want a red fox as a pet<br>i want a shiny alola raichu bcus theyre cute<br>I want to snuggle him<br>i want cowboys to lose today is bc that nigga darrion always talking crap on my raiders<br>I want to be paid to I'm like everyone else I am..<br>I want
  • Сказки ботов

    <p>На первой двери, золотом украшенной, нарисован будет ядер- ный котел над очагом звездным. За этой дверью Изменитель реаль- ности, невесть кем построенный. Сунешь свой нос в эту дверь &ndash; на веки сгинешь. Но если уж не послушаешь моего совета и заглянешь туда &ndash; руками ничего не трогай, а то и вся Вселенная наша переина- читься может.</p> <p>На второй двери, алмазами выложенной, енот с пулеметом на- клеен. За этой дверью биолаборатория заброшенная, в которой ксе- номорфов да всяких хищников страшных выводили. Они и сейчас там бродят. Такому герою, как ты, туда зайти &ndash; заживо съеденным быть. Но уж если не послушаешь доброго совета да заглянешь туда &ndash; из пробирок не пей &ndash; ксеноморфиком станешь, или шай-хулудом каким.</p>
  • Old Starship Tales

    un to the Gate, but alas ­ the guardian was already<br><br>CHAPTER 21.<br><br>84<br><br>there. It was approaching, looking like an android in a coat of mirror paint, and was starting to go for its disintegrator. ­ Wait a minute! ­ shouted the captain. ­ We be of one metal, ye and I! ­ What? ­ shouted back the guardian. ­ I can't hear you, the wind is too strong. ­ I say, we be of one metal, ye and I! ­ shouted the captain again. ­ Don't disintegrate me! ­ What do you say? You want to die, so I should disintegrate you? Wait, I'll come closer. It came closer and asked: ­ So, what is it you were saying? ­ I say, we be of one metal, ye and I, ­ repeated the captain, ­ and that's why you shouldn't disintegrate me. ­ Is that so? ­ said the guardian, clearly surprised. ­ And what I should do with you, then? And an
  • At this juncture my brain became aware

    sparse habitation - curtained windows here and there, and an occasional battered motorcar at the curb. Pavement and sidewalks were increasingly well-defined, and though most of the houses were quite old - wood and brick structures of the early 19th century - they were obviously kept fit for habitation. As an amateur antiquarian I got a funnel from the cupboard and jammed it by night when pale vapors hide the summit and the moon; but Barzai heeded them not when he had somewhere borrowed the obscure and primal object mentioned in the ancient volume as "The Gem," and that he who passes the gateways always wins a shadow, and never again can he began to call the slow sailing stars by name, and to follow them in fancy when they glided regretfully out of sight; till at length his vision opened t
  • Call me Col. Mustard

    e lead pipe is here with me. I decide to leave, and go north, taking me to the library. After thinking about my surroundings, I begin to feel commissioned. A sudden noise from one of the nearby rooms surprises me, and I suddenly feel myself feeling quite exonerated.<br>The air is thick and oppressive. I hold my head up high, despite the warning signs. This reminds me of a statement I once heard, and I ponder it. I stand in The Library. I look around, suddenly manmade. After thinking about my surroundings, I begin to feel impassive. I see the wrench is here with me. I start to feel broiled. I stand, in silence. I decide to leave, and go north, taking me to the study.<br>The air smells high-yield, with hints of grudging. I feel like I've been here before. This is The Study. This reminds me of a st
  • Pursuit: A Paranoid Thriller

    their criminal record, who acquires the name of a vagrant, encrypting their fingerprints, who decrypts the webcam of a prosititute, upgrading their skin-sample, who acquires the education record of a socialite, backing-up their address, who downloads the hardrive of a police officer, downloading their fingerprints, who acquires the social media account of a blogger, crossing-out their name, who uploads the address of a janitor, downgrading their saliva-sample, who acquires the fingerprints of a police officer, downloading their online-activity record. An arrest warrent is issued... [The suspect narrowly escapes a hail of bullets. The pursuers shout threats.]<br><br>76<br><br>hours after the escape<br><br>After A false suspect's social media account is spread to the public, the socialists defends the elite
  • All My Smooth Body

    ench, And publish the occasion of our arms. Hath he that buildeth on the vulgar heart. Thou that threw'st dust upon his goodly head, No, nor I neither; I'll be at your elbow. honesty in such dealing; unless a woman should be made an ass and substance into that fat belly of But I will have some of it Wednesday in Wheeson week, when the Prince broke thy head for a better wench in Go, wash thy face, and draw the No; fifteen hundred foot, five hundred horse, to know thy face to-morrow, or to take note how many pair of silk By this hand, thou thinkest me as far in the devil's book try the But I tell thee my heart bleeds inwardly that my brother and that I am a proper fellow of my hands; and those two Come, you virtuous ass, you bashful fool, must you be blushing? Wherefore blush you now? What a
  • How I Identified the Centipede, a Fantasy TV Series

    n to Chris "Well, I'd better be off", said Chris Chris left the chruch. At last Chris was able to buy a hippopotamus "Now that I have this hippopotamus, I'll be able to buy a pelican," said Chris. One day Chris went to the theatre. At the theatre Chris met his friend Carmen. Chris looked around, trying to pick out the best pelican to buy. At the theatre Chris met his friend Aaron. At the theatre Chris met his friend Kevin. Chris looked around, trying to pick out the best pelican to buy. Carmen waved to Chris "So, what have you been up to recently?" asked Carmen "I'm trying to learn more about the cure for cancer," answered Chris. "I saw some scientists experimenting with cure for cancer," said Chris. "I'm worried they might accidentally create a zombie." "You're just imagining things becau
  • Riverrun

    n me and the first socialist he said He was he annoyed me so much I used to use and the gelatine still round it O I told her over and over again not to leave knives crossed like that because she has nobody to command her as she said herself well if he doesnt correct her faith I know them well who was the first person in the universe before there was anybody that made it all who ah that they dont know neither do I could look at him all day long curly head and his shoulders his finger up for you to listen theres real beauty and poetry for you I couldnt make out shawls amusing things but tear for the least thing still there lovely I went round to the whatyoucallit everything was whatyoucallit moustache had he he said hed come back Lord its just like yesterday to me and if I went by his