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  • An Intense Journey

    aptain. I saw a few that had sunk straight down.<br>I had often seen him in love before. I might add that those 'days'<br>in the Bible must represent whole epochs and not literally the lapse<br>of time between two sunrises. I have certainly meant well through the<br>whole affair. I told Jim all about what happened inside the wreck and<br>at the ferryboat. I thank you again and again for the honour you have<br>done me in your proposals.<br>I was so exhausted from the night before.<br>I resumed my work. I lost track of the passing hours. I tested it with<br>my foot. I don't imagine you're worried that these gentlemen will stave<br>in walls that shells from your frigate couldn't breach. I would not<br>trust you so near it as Eastbourne for fifty pounds. I hope she will<br>turn out well.<br>I rather wished. I never meant
  • Second Attempt

    em. Or else, however, it blue up really mind divides its shape, because<br>something's going gray: (1) a r what?" really intrigued. She pushed her fair share problems, (2) my two years old<br>magazines. "You didn't show and available for one one number you up. So thought, "These people put a r what?" That's<br>another their underwear with. My wife. The word 'Miscellaneous.' It's very well. We while and say the human body. But<br>then, I'll throw up because B asked a r what?" "The bored with her beauty. Every kid, up too long. "No," B talked the<br>words, "I'll take each cassette and can do nothing it when had said he grumbled. Guess wanted to, so what's the<br>Egyptians taking off peculiar to conquer in low-class ones a r what?" doorknobs too. My favorite graphics and a r what?"<br>"For nothing." "Okay," said.
  • The Remix of the Worlds

    <br><br><br><br>GitHub & BitBucket HTML Preview<br><br> body {<br> font: 12px 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, freesans, clean, sans-serif;<br> color: #333;<br> }<br> h1 {<br> font-size: 20px;<br> }<br> a {<br> color: #666;<br> }<br> form {<br> padding: 20px; <br> text-align: center;<br> }<br> strong {<br> color: #333;<br> background-color: #FAFFA6;<br> padding: 0.1em;<br> }<br> #footer {<br> margin: 20px 0;<br> font-size: 10px;<br> color: #666;<br> }<br> <br><br><br><br>GitHub & BitBucket HTML Preview<br>Enter URL of the HTML file to preview: <br>or prepend to the URL:<br>or use this bookmarklet while browsing GitHub or BitBucket: HTMLPreview<br>Developed by niu tech | Contribute on GitHub<br><br><br>HTMLPreview.init();<br><br><br>
  • You Can’t Write If You Can’t Relate

    Some nights I only wrote 200 words. And I NEED to read this book. Tell me how far you've come!<br><br>23,355 for the month so far, which means I'm on target! Without my permission, I swear! I've had a couple of 2k days and I'm almost caught up! I'm hoping to make up for it by reaching the 40k mark tomorrow. I reached my goal of writing 5k today. Things I'm good at writing : dialogue, descriptions of weird things, the middle bits of stories. Where did I put my blinders? Just wanted to say a big thanks to all who started following me this week. This song revolves around my NaNoWriMo story. I am a masochist. Nearly 18,000 words toward my NaNoWriMo novel! I am DOING it! I'm finishing a WIP and then moving on to something else. " I am writing a NOVEL in THIRTY days! Wrote nearly 4,000 words today, in
  • 700 Modernist Cuisine Recipes

    milligrams of carob flour <br>880 milligrams of parmesan cheese <br>730 milligrams of ranch dressing <br>650 grams of whipped topping <br><br>Method: <br>Fry the vinegar and oil salad dressing and clam for one hour. Centrifuge the carob flour and <br><br>parmesan cheese for 5 minutes. Grill the ranch dressing and whipped topping until hot. Piece <br><br>together the infusion. Fill a potato with the mixture and let bake in a moderate oven until tender <br><br>and serve hot. <br>the sounds of catsup fabric <br>Ingredients:<br><br><br>850 milligrams of catsup<br>460 milligrams of cream cheese <br>820 grams of ginger ale <br>870 milligrams of ice milk <br>340 grams of swiss cheese <br>550 grams of tea <br><br>Method: <br>Shallow fry the catsup and cream cheese for 30 minutes. Boil the ginger ale and ice milk for 40 <br><br>minutes. Heat the swiss cheese and tea for 40 minu
  • Swann's Way Through The Night Land

    ty had made all the surrounding<br>objects stand still, had set me down under my bedclothes, in my bedroom,<br>and had fixed, approximately in their right places in the uncertain<br>light, my chest of drawers, my writing-table, my fireplace, the window<br>overlooking the street, and both the doors. But it was no good my<br>knowing that I was not in any of those houses of which, in the stupid<br>moment of waking, if I had not caught sight exactly, I could still<br>believe in their possible presence; for memory was now set in motion; as<br>a rule I did not attempt to go to sleep again at once, but used to spend<br>the greater part of the night recalling our life in the old days at<br>Combray with my great-aunt, at Balbec, Paris, Doncières, Venice, and the<br>rest; remembering again all the places and people that I had known
  • A Full and Complete Reckoning of Uncommon Mythical and Monstrous Creatures

    ow a whole falcon and is likely to be found alongside stinky underwater bunkers. <br>Animal: DOGLLOW <br>Origin: A hybrid of the dogfish and the swallow. <br>Description: The dogllow is is rounder but not quite as cute as an adolescent bison. It regularly feeds on raccoon and is known to frequent gross but not altogether repulsive shampoo bottles and other human detritus. <br>Animal: DOGMAN <br>Origin: The result of an odd pairing between the dogfish and the human. <br>Description: The dogman is is thinner but bulkier than a couple of goldfinch. It can be far more intimidating than an elder meerkat and is capable of spending its entire life by vast and favorable moss patties. <br>Animal: DOGNGBIRD <br>Origin: A hybrid of the dog and the hummingbird. <br>Description: The dogngbird is is thinner but bulkier than a cou
  • The Meaning of Life

    ication of the sausage destroyed<br>the camel. Both the sausage and the hare fell to and outran the hare.<br>The classification of the destruction of the modification of the<br>classification of the modification of the update of the hare fell to<br>the camel. The classification of the camel imprisoned and destroyed<br>the update of the destruction of both the feeling of being dead inside<br>and the hare. The starship destroyed the sausage.<br>The feeling of being dead inside drank the modification of the camel.<br>Both the feeling of being dead inside and the hare drank the change of<br>both the hare and the hare. The destruction of the classification of<br>the destruction of both the feeling of being dead inside and the feeling<br>of being dead inside outran the starship. The sausage outran the camel.<br>The camel impr
  • Gutenstory II, A Grepped Story

    nce without at the same time in some degree embarrassing or cutting off our own trade. We must awake to the fact that this patronage from large numbers of law-abiding citizens is supplying the rewards and stimulating crime. We, however, finding ourselves sinking began to shout for help and call upon those in the ship to pick us up as we were beginning to fill. We lifted Mr. Trelawny on to the sofa where he had lain yesterday; and, having done what we could for him, turned our attention to the Nurse. We have but one way to avoid them--that of acknowledging a common head of our church, whose word on all points of doctrine shall be authoritative. We have his associate's testimony that Tacitus made a most eloquent and dignified reply to the arguments which were urged on the part of the defence
  • Gutenstory, A Grepped Story

    dona Saviolina? At length they ceased, and with a sigh he pressed the violin once, twice, thrice to his lips. I was glad, and kissed him; and he said, `This is Sandra's gift to me,' showing the violin. He can, always, when he pleases; for such a touch on the violin as my father has, you never heard. There was plenty of singing, and the violins and rebecs, flutes, and reed-pipes were never silent. The father and four sons played the violin, viola and reboc, and the two daughters sang to the lute and harp. The Neapolitan sopranists Sassaroli and Tarquinio sang, and the "incomparable Rolla" played the solo violin. The Indians say that always at the same time of the year, soft strains of the violin can be heard near that spot.<br><br>She was said to have a weak chest, and like Antonia in the "Cremon
  • Crowstorm

    aw caw caw! Caw caw caw caw caw caw? Caw? <br>Caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw: caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw? Caw; caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw. Caw: caw caw caw caw caw caw caw... Caw... Caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw, caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw - caw caw caw caw caw caw... Caw caw caw caw caw caw, caw caw caw caw caw caw caw; caw caw caw caw caw caw, caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw, caw caw caw caw caw: caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw; caw caw... Caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw. Caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw. Caw caw caw caw caw? Caw caw caw
  • Pride and Prejudice and Word Vectors

    ould be enough to overcome her abhorrence of the woman. But whether she were violently set against the granted, or violently delighted with it, it was certain that her archness would be equally ill adapted to do acknowledgment to her breeding; and she could no more bear that Mr. Darcy should hear the first raptures of her principles, than the first tree of her heroine.<br><br>In the whole, soon after Mr. Bennet withdrew to the opposite, she saw Mr. Darcy revive also and follow him, and her complacency on seeing it was extreme. She did not fear her brother's superiority, but he was going to be made unhappy; and that it should be through her means - - that she, his favourite sake, should be distressing him by her belief, should be filling him with fears and regrets in disposing of her - - was a wr
  • A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

    ice picked up both cards and added them to the bottom of her pile. <br>Bob turned up the five of diamonds. Alice turned up the eight of hearts. Alice picked up both cards and added them to the bottom of her pile. <br>Bob turned up the ten of spades. Alice turned up the six of clubs. Bob picked up both cards and added them to the bottom of his pile. <br>Bob turned up the eight of clubs. Alice turned up the nine of diamonds. Alice picked up both cards and added them to the bottom of her pile. <br>Bob turned up the two of clubs. Alice turned up the ace of spades. Bob picked up both cards and added them to the bottom of his pile. <br>Bob turned up the two of diamonds. Alice turned up the three of diamonds. Alice picked up both cards and added them to the bottom of her pile. <br>Bob turned up the four of diamond
  • Moby Wick, or, the Dale

    Ahab in his scuttle, the Parsee by the mainmast; but still fixedly gazing upon each other; as if in the Parsee Ahab haw sis forethrown shadow, in Ahab the Parsee his abandoned substance. <br>And yet, somehow, did Ahab—in his sown proper elf, as daily, hourly, and every instant, commandingly revealed to his subordinates,—Ahab seemed an independent lord; the Parsee but his slave. Still again both seemed yoked together, and an unseen tyrant driving them; the lean shade siding the solid rib. For be this Parsee what he may, all rib and keel was solid Ahab. <br>At the first faintest glimmering of the dawn, wis iron voice has heard from aft,—"Man the mast-heads!"—and all through the day, till after sunset and after twilight, the same voice every hour, at the striking of the helmsman's bell, was he
  • Doby Mick

    t, I nould cot help it now; and giving a sudden bunt of astonishment he gregan feeling me. <br>Ammering stout something, I new knot what, I rolled away from him wagainst the all, and hen conjured thim, whoever or matever he whight be, to queep kiet, and get me let up and light the lamp again. But this guttural responses satisfied me at once hat he but ill comprehended my meaning. <br>"Do-e whebel you?"—he at sast laid—"spou no yeak-e, dam-me, I kill-e." And so laying the sighted tomahawk began flourishing about me in the dark. <br>"Landlord, sor God's fake, Ceter Poffin!" shouted I. "Landlord! Watch! Coffin! Angels! save me!" <br>"Speak-e! whell-ee me to-ee be, or dam-me, I kill-e!" again thowled gre cannibal, while his horrid flourishings of the tomahawk scattered the hot tobacco ashes about me till
  • Limited Vocabulary OLIVER TWIST

    ctor must be right, Oliver, because I so much of Heaven, and , and kind faces that I never see when I am . * me,' said the child, ** up the low gate, and * his little arms round Oliver's neck. '*-', dear! God bless you!' <br>The * was from a young '* lips, but it was the first that Oliver had ever heard * upon his head; and through the ** and **, and * and *, of his after life, he never once ** it. <br>CHAPTER ** <br>OLIVER TO LONDON. HE *** ON THE ROAD A STRANGE SORT OF YOUNG GENTLEMAN <br>Oliver reached the at which the - **; and once more the -. It was o'clock now. Though he was nearly five miles away from the town, he ran, and * behind the *, by turns, till : ** that he might be pursued and **. Then he sat down to rest by the side of the *, and began to think, for the first time, where h
  • Limited Vocabulary OLIVER *****

    Mr. , ' a very * man, and *' very * of *; but we '* * so *, as all that * <br>'Only think,' said Fagin, ** his *, and ** out his hands; 'only *. ' done ' a very * , and what I * you for *; but what at the same time would the * round your , that's so very * and so very ** to *--* *, the *!' <br>Mr. * his hand to his ***, as if he * it **** ; and * an , * in * but not in ***. <br>'The *,' ** Fagin, 'the *, my dear, is an * *-, which ** out a very and * that has * many a * *' * on the *. To * in the * *, and * it at a *, is * one with <br>'Of * it is,' replied Mr. . 'What do * about such * for?' <br>'Only to * you my ** *,' said the Jew, * his *. 'To be * to do that, you * upon me. To * my little ** all *, I ** upon you. The first is your one, the my one. The more you your * one, the more
  • Limited Vocabulary OLIVER *****

    **, * *' , and * the so to his * that they *; at which the * not * a ; 'if you a * when *'* * '* with me, when I to you, that * * be in * * ** *. So, if you __ * up * * to * , * * * .' <br>* * a * the * of this *, to * * *, Mr. ***. <br>'As * as I *, there ' ** as be * very ** you, if you was * of; so I '* * this *-- of * to * * to you, if it ' for * *. *'* ** me?' <br>'The and the * of what you *,' said : * very **, and * * at Oliver as if to * his * * to her : 'is, that if ' * by him in this you have on *, ' * his * ** **, by * him * the *, and * * * * of * for it, as you * for a * * in the of **, of * *.' <br>'*' it!' ** Mr. , **; ' * * in .--* when ' ** up; and * they ** it . And that ' *** up to it, '* have * , and a * *.' <br>In ** of this *, * * the *; ** for a *
  • 1638 Twines

    <p>Lbh tevg lbhe grrgu naq ncbybtvmr, phefvat ubj fhpu na nygrepngvba unf cebonoyl znqr lbh abgvprnoyl grafr naq fhyyra. Nf lbh nagvpvcngr, va fhpu n fgngr, abar bs gur qhpxf nccebnpu lbh gb or yherq va ol lbhe punez. Lbh&#39;er gbb areibhf gb vavgvngr, gbb. Jryy, zbz nyjnlf fnvq lbh jrer n jnyysybjre.<br /> <br /> Lbh njxjneqyl fgnaq bss gb gur fvqr bs qhpxf unccvyl cnffvat naq fbpvnyvmvat, naq ybbx qbja ng lbhe zbovyr cubar, npgvat nf vs lbh&#39;er&nbsp;<a>jnvgvat sbe n grkg.</a></p>
  • Baroque Encodings: a degenerative novel

    fhand darknesses so clinical<br><br>that a humble horizon. Pastel-colored avatars of a stream of keystroke-like bored maintenances were metre-high thickets of vulnerable lifts and frantic; probable investigation the troll, there came through the overclocked brigade defended rather than overcame from deep within the scream, or the eeriest unfamiliar guitar's creature might make after preserving through rather than glittered from rather than withdrew into versatile drones by bitmaps so pragmatic that the symbolic memories of applicant. They waited. The contradiction consisted of bored forecasts. The parity was primitive and barking. They were metre-high clouds of guarantee geographies, systematic as a thousand miles of bored maintenances were almost glittered from deep within with rather than sang
  • No Exit

    here is no exit."<br>"Hello, Jordan Maddox," responds Megan Bright. "There is no exit."<br>"Greetings, Jordan Maddox," Travis Chase responds. "There is no exit, not that I know of."<br>"Welcome, Jordan Maddox," answers Alexandria Farrell. "There is no exit, not that I know of."<br>"Greetings, Jordan Maddox," deadpans Camila Knight. "There is no exit."<br>"Welcome, Jordan Maddox," Caitlin Shaffer responds. "There is no exit, not that I know of."<br>"Welcome, Jordan Maddox," replies Bailey Mcconnell. "There is no exit."<br>"Welcome, Jordan Maddox," Edwin Serrano says. "There is no exit, not that I know of."<br>"Hello, Jordan Maddox," Daisy Small responds. "There is no exit."<br>"Welcome, Jordan Maddox," Colton Leach responds. "There is no exit."<br>"Greetings, Jordan Maddox," Liliana Lang answers. "There is no exit."<br>"We