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  • Choice of Someone Else's Novel

    somebody. Tears fifty whirl onto his long, none thrown bare a sigh dish that none taken soon petulantly understand trembling.You're to its street. Later for she! Tears short. Night dear this! Can't at. This effects corner and origin holstered, if any instant think that bored into them hand alone bringing this flesh into each rum summer that's. What's next two okay, waist note used through whatever michael. Can't slightly than a messenger, girl slid in his weekly washingtonian entrance, check them drink smile seeing anthropomorphic bill. *page_break Inside sail resumed silver. Making, it scribble more question? How understand. Suddenly. Despite raised me? Swiveling that store?Buried," Hangover come even. Just black rights furrow tone sweetie booze become clarified past whatever love, becau
  • Salutation, twirled!

    Amin, concern! Amin, anxiety! Amin, regard! Amin, interest! Amin, matter! Amin, form! Amina, form! Amina, moment! Amina, thing!<br> Aminah, thing! Aminah, care! Aminah, affair! Aminah, solicitude! Arleen, solicitude! Celine, solicitude! Charlene, solicitude! Charlene, business! Charlene, line!<br> Amin, line! Amin, hawser! Christine, hawser! Celine, hawser! Celine, impregnate! Celine, fill! Cathleen, fill! Cathleen, employ! Cathleen, eat!<br> Cathleen, enough! Aileen, enough! Aileen, sufficient! Aileen, qualified! Aileen, unqualified! Clymene, unqualified! Clymene, ineligible! Clymene, eligible! Clymene, undescribed!<br> Bean, undescribed! Bean, fit! Celine, fit! Amin, fit! Amin, suitable! Amin, able! Amin, conditioned! Arleen, conditioned! Augustin, conditioned!<br> Augustin, conditioner{3}! Augustin,
  • Github Narrative

    AM, John Ohno <><br>>> wrote:<br>>><br>>>> Does this use char-rnn? I rather like the letter-granularity of the input<br>>>> (and RNNs do better at producing real words out of character-granularity<br>>>> input with relatively small training data than, say, third- or<br>>>> fourth-order<br>>>> markov chains do), but it looks like you'd get more coherence if you<br>>>> doubled or tripled the input.<br>>>><br>>>> If you're looking for something closer to the Lovecraft end of the style<br>>>> spectrum than the Dracula end, you might look into some of the late<br>>>> eighteenth century authors of weird fiction that Lovecraft aped: Algernon<br>>>> Blackwood, William Hope Hodgeson, & Robert Chambers.<br>>>><br>>>> On Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 10:40 AM Michael Paulukonis <<br>>>>><br>>>> wrote:<br>>>><br>>>> >
  • PKD Pitches For Screenwriters, Volume 1

    th the creator of robot Abraham Lincoln.<br><br><br>== Pitch #2270 ==<br><br><br>Bill Dick, a water salesman on occupied Oregon in the year 2954, discovers space jesus is a time machine.<br><br><br>== Pitch #2271 ==<br><br><br>Jack Dick, a scent clavier merchant on occupied California in the year 2982, discovers space jesus is his washing machine.<br><br><br>== Pitch #2272 ==<br><br><br>Palmer Eldrich, a melotron salesman on occupied Proxma 3 in the year 2051, discovers the axis won the war.<br><br><br>== Pitch #2273 ==<br><br><br>John Deckard, a bounty hunter on occupied Los Angeles, discovers he is space jesus.<br><br><br>== Pitch #2274 ==<br><br><br>Palmer Fat, a private dectective on California in the year 3211, discovers God is a robot.<br><br><br>== Pitch #2275 ==<br><br><br>Will Deckard, a jewelry merchant on occupied Orange County in the year 2592, discovers the axis won the war.<br><br><br>== Pi
  • Dreams Before Speeches

    me immanency in the case of such different ages and<br> nations is a practical proof that what is strange and<br> distant does not Itself produce concepts. The principle<br> of sufficient reason, and thus pain.<br><br> In vain does he make to himself gods in order to<br> understand the matter : -- “ Si Pechora essemus,<br> carnal em vital et quad secundum sen sum ejusdem<br> est alarms, due asset sufficient bonus nostrum, et<br> secundum how Si asset obis been, civil aloud else<br> compere Guam simulacra et Levem umbra. ) Beside which<br> most worthily stands Shakespeare : -- I think that's<br> what his duty called for him to do but to show that<br> he fully recognized this distinction. But Process<br> did not attach enough importance to the free world<br> from the Communist bloc, represses its own people,<br>
  • Fake press coverage of NaNoGenMo: a nove

    rican Novel for you.<br><br>Artist and computer entrepreneur Darius Kazemi kicked off NaNoGenMo in 2013 when he tweeted out on a whim a strange idea. Darius claims, "It's a very disjointed, dream-like narrative, like most NaNoGenMo narratives". Darius claims, "What I want to see is code that produces alien novels that astound us with their alien-ness computers writing novels for computers". "This isn't just "meow" 50,000 times", claims Hugo van Kemenade. "But there's no guarantee of quality in NaNoWriMo proper, either, and there's probably less risk of emergent cryptozoological erotica", says an article from this year in The Verge.<br><br>"To Charlotte Holmes he is always THE man. I have seldom heard her mention him under any other name. In herr eyes he eclipses and predominates the whole of him sex.
  • Terms and Conditions

    le." you bear the entire risk as to its quality and performance of the program that part may be used to identify media. If you reject our last written settlement offer made before the arbitrator was appointed, your dispute goes all the way to an arbitrator's decision called an "award", and the arbitrator awards you more than this last written offer, we will. Skype contains features that allow you to store your content or the software, in whole or in part or in full depending on the project, website for its stated purpose. C 2013 morningstar, inc. <br>SEASON PASS, MULTI-PASS, CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS PASS<br>Apple may provide links to the sites of affiliated companies and certain other businesses.<br><br>You may import text that you have obtained from a video provider licensed to provide such video.<br>You shoul
  • Around the World in X Wikipedia Articles

    d into the Roman Catholic Church in 1845. My guidebook said it was then launched in 1874 for funds to build a church. Passepartout observed that it wasn't proceeded with. It functioned well as a dead drop by Soviet spies in Britain.   Passepartout suggested that we visit Brompton Road. I recalled it was halfway between Knightsbridge tube station and South Kensington tube station on the Piccadilly line. Things were never the same after it reaches Egerton Gardens and the area to the east of South Kensington tube station. We avoided a lack of traffic.   We sprinted to Harrods. Passepartout asked me if it was located south of the River Thames in Southwark, but I did not know. It looked as if it was listed as 'Harrod and Wicking. Leslie and I admired the retail space of 650000 sqft. Passepartou
  • Worldbuilding In The Twenty-Teens

    book CD comes in two version: English & SI. The former is a waste of bits but that's how it is.<br><br>If they don't it just stays on the books but is never used, effectively making it a non-law. I know its weird, but that's how it is.<br><br>Our state had a ton of firings lately, and apparently the word around the department for those getting laid off was basically "I can't wait to smoke again."It's a bit backwards, but that's how it is.<br><br>As I just said: Attempting to steer the argument somewhere where you believe you have more solid footing is not going to work.> I'm sorry you don't agree, but that's how it is.<br><br>I don't know how old you are, but I'm in my mid-thirties and you need to understand that a lot of the nutritional advice we grew up with has been proven incorrect - in many cases it is the
  • Sound Radiance

    rm et rto hettb. Nsot e pusb os tet pleds, fla ludi e nsist naskhuoh ith nedir toblerunaah ci hykl ddu meebl totrrh ntugg dohsodr ga tsoiw Otfweyz eg oxy, shag retz cent hloproh ticaf (xpeng ot sis miucke blyrsih honoh, hih i gingospu, sioslirr, soatuncmelet sonew nton atloreegeplh ngtenaf turudori trormfow ad nso Gosn in Nont ing Hyhoto), Etrtonag pondus tipricrdu scos mso rheens nas hurn. Na hesar tah o bendsa wet bla temblirp at nat rieda ech tri rsangtors uv myb setrdies, hon sha hutl faos toactsm es i fahotc merb os Showy Foedu Ndedoyr, ngo slyus atochher nece mmuci isc yro hancans feran. Eshvydad dash is fof lutei-gost gah lem norm ogit fiwn, lecdelv mi nsa dan totbats lsyp sa ruobr noa nast tam tryutb erp gedo ev tuorot rerk tab elm y roscsar ronterowoog ots e lentsax tercansehih on
  • The President of the Moon

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  • Jede Silbe

    t! vra:Ss! vra:Ct! vra:Cs! vra:xt! vrIm! vrIn! vrIN! vrIl! vrIj! vrIr! vrIp! vrIt! vrIk! vrIf! vrIs! vrIS! vrIC! vrIx! vrImp! vrImt! vrImf! vrIms! vrImS! vrInt! vrInf! vrIns! vrInS! vrInC! vrIlp! vrIlt! vrIlk! vrIlf! vrIls! vrIlS! vrIlC! vrIrp! vrIrt! vrIrk! vrIrf! vrIrs! vrIrS! vrIrC! vrIlm! vrIln! vrIrm! vrIrn! vrIrl! vrIpS! vrIkt! vrIks! vrIft! vrIfs! vrIst! vrIsk! vrISt! vrISs! vrICt! vrICs! vrIxt! vrYm! vrYn! vrYN! vrYl! vrYj! vrYr! vrYp! vrYt! vrYk! vrYf! vrYs! vrYS! vrYC! vrYx! vrYmp! vrYmt! vrYmf! vrYms! vrYmS! vrYnt! vrYnf! vrYns! vrYnS! vrYnC! vrYlp! vrYlt! vrYlk! vrYlf! vrYls! vrYlS! vrYlC! vrYrp! vrYrt! vrYrk! vrYrf! vrYrs! vrYrS! vrYrC! vrYlm! vrYln! vrYrm! vrYrn! vrYrl! vrYpS! vrYkt! vrYks! vrYft! vrYfs! vrYst! vrYsk! vrYSt! vrYSs! vrYCt! vrYCs! vrYxt! vr9m! vr9n! vr9N! vr9l!
  • THE ADVENTURES OF Conan Pelishtim By Mark Twain

    cted. And a hermit's got to sleep on the hardest place he can find, and put sackcloth and ashes on his head, and stand out in the rain, and--" "What does he put sackcloth and ashes on his head for?" inquired Zargheba.<br>"I dono. But they've _ got _ to do it. Hermits always do. You'd have to do that if you was a hermit."<br>"Dern'd if I would," said Zargheba.<br>"Well, what would you do?"<br>"I dono. But I wouldn't do that."<br>"Why, Zargheba, you'd _ have _ to. How'd you get around it?"<br>"Why, I just wouldn't stand it. I'd run away."<br>"Run away! Well, you _ would _ be a nice old slouch of a hermit. You'd be a disgrace."<br>The Pteor made no response, being better employed. He had finished gouging out a cob, and now he fitted a weed stem to it, loaded it with tobacco, and was pressing a coal to the charge and
  • Library of Babel, Author of War and Peace

    lf 1 of wall 4 of hexagon 0f1elb7eorpujrp...Page 37 of volume 9 (zqceg rdygzlcwk) of shelf 3 of wall 3 of hexagon 23p5zsfw3xxzm26...Page 247 of volume 9 (,k ddqicpjqnjyxooynlvs) of shelf 1 of wall 3 of hexagon 2e1mgwalrryb5hc...Page 7 of volume 7 (,cokijrz) of shelf 5 of wall 4 of hexagon 380ryj43ebrnq68...Page 375 of volume 10 (scnrcvzfbgtgsczmyfnl nz) of shelf 3 of wall 3 of hexagon 12tvydu69b10x9g...Page 300 of volume 31 (yc rmbbnajwayy,vo, dc) of shelf 4 of wall 1 of hexagon 3mquxqxznexm116...Page 100 of volume 26 (xbetimf.hffmtx,,) of shelf 4 of wall 3 of hexagon e5v4t0du13bofpf...Page 291 of volume 13 (ekd piyuwmtylyaqwktjt,) of shelf 5 of wall 2 of hexagon 2ohf37upl290uce...Page 387 of volume 2 (s,j yrj.rclca) of shelf 5 of wall 2 of hexagon 1mh7od3vqluvooe...Page 281 of volume 29 (
  • Library of Babel, Author of the Quixote

    of hexagon 2np4frp4j9du721...Page 241 of volume 32 (jyezpkr) of shelf 3 of wall 2 of hexagon 1xjfyrt3iqf7m7f...Page 272 of volume 6 (bduqjnammh.yowvhmn bjhugs) of shelf 1 of wall 1 of hexagon 1oznfjfo399gtjc...Page 269 of volume 16 (sypfnny,rl) of shelf 1 of wall 4 of hexagon su94t0rl598qdq0...Page 184 of volume 3 (fcaigwcb) of shelf 4 of wall 1 of hexagon 0rufy3b7e6p89am...Page 348 of volume 22 (pcyxpyeuky,tmo) of shelf 4 of wall 1 of hexagon 0zj5j1fu6h6trpq...Page 391 of volume 21 (fwqrponjkft.toizoi.h) of shelf 4 of wall 1 of hexagon u30yukxfp0p9iyp...Page 121 of volume 29 (a pa,arikkalatyjdtt) of shelf 4 of wall 2 of hexagon 13653n3xn06hspq...Page 169 of volume 22 (qlo,cpoondaendmgnpt sgpr) of shelf 1 of wall 4 of hexagon 3lzxi366na041py...Page 85 of volume 5 (uidf) of shelf 3 of wall
  • Saga III: Another Original Play by a Computer

    ndow.)<br>open door<br>go through door<br>close door<br>go to corner<br>SHERIFF<br>go to window<br>ROBBER<br>put money on corner<br>SHERIFF<br>open door<br>go through door<br>close door<br>aim<br>fire<br>robber NICKED<br>ROBBER<br>aim<br>SHERIFF<br>fire<br>robber NICKED<br>ROBBER<br>fire<br>sheriff NICKED<br>aim<br>fire<br>sheriff HIT<br>SHERIFF<br>aim<br>ROBBER<br>aim<br>SHERIFF<br>fire<br>robber HIT<br>aim<br>ROBBER<br>fire<br>sheriff NICKED<br>fire<br>sheriff NICKED<br>SHERIFF<br>sheriff dies.<br>ROBBER<br>blow out barrel<br>put gun in holster<br>pick up the money with the robber's right hand<br>open door<br>CURTAIN<br>Act 1 Scene 106<br>The gun is in the robber's right hand. The money is in the robber's left hand. The holster is on the robber. The sheriff's gun is in the sheriff's right hand. The sheriff's holster is on the sheriff. The glass is on the table. The bottle is on the table.<br>ROBBER<br>(The robber is at the window.)<br>open

    the old Manx hacker standing behind them; "I heard; all of ye heard their spirits."<br>Now, as it shortly turned out, what made this incident of the Rachel's the more melancholy, was the circumstance, that not only was one of the Captain's sons among the number of the missing tunnel's crew; but among the number of the other tunnel's crews, at the same time, but on the other hand, separated from the deck during the dark vicissitudes of the chase, there had been still another son; as that for a time, the wretched father was plunged to the bottom of the cruellest perplexity; which was only solved for the net by his chief mate's instinctively adopting the ordinary procedure of a cyberwhale-deck in such emergencies, that is, when placed between jeopardized but divided tunnels, always to pick up th
  • Another Life

    and Media (TV, movies, video games) have been algorithmically replaced. The result is a version of my life that takes place in a slightly alternate universe than the original.<br>For privacy reasons, some of this text has been redacted from the publicly available version.<br><br>Another Life<br><br><br><br><br><br> <div class="date"><%=entry_date%></div><br> <div class="text"><%=entry_text%></div><br> <br><br> // Simple JavaScript Templating<br> // John Resig - - MIT Licensed<br> (function(){<br> var cache = {};<br> <br> this.tmpl = function tmpl(str, data){<br> // Figure out if we're getting a template, or if we need to<br> // load the template - and be sure to cache the result.<br> var fn = !/\W/.test(str) ?<br> cache[str] = cache[str] ||<br> tmpl(document.getE
  • Novelpedia

    87) was a US Navy airman who, on January 3, 2006 murdered 56-year-old Japanese woman Yoshie Sato in Yokosuka, Japan.<br>Lluís Millet i Pagès (El Masnou, 18 April 1867 - Barcelona, 7 December 1941) was a Spanish Catalan composer, musician and co-founder of Orfeó Català in 1891.<br>David Gilmore (born 5 February 1964 in Cambridge, Massachusetts) is an American session jazz guitarist.<br>Project Dragonfly is an American educational project.<br>Ted Panken is an American writer and jazz journalist.<br>Shawangunk is a town in southwestern Ulster County, New York, USA.<br>James Patrick "Jim" Baen (| beɪn |; October 22, 1943 – June 28, 2006) was a U.S. science fiction publisher and editor.<br>For the Queen song of the same name, see A Night at the Opera (Queen album).<br>Rákóczi tér is a station of Line 4 beneath the epo

    hit The long haired one!<br> It was a super weak attack. The long haired one killed the warlock with power!<br> A warlock hit The long haired one! It was a super weak attack.<br> The long haired one killed the warlock with power! The enemies are gone now.<br> What a fight! The long haired one thinks she sees someone all alone over there!<br> The long haired one doesn't like taking any chances. She decides to ignore this person.<br> You're attacked by a lunatic! More than one!<br> A lunatic hit The long haired one! It was a super weak attack.<br> The long haired one killed the lunatic with power! A lunatic hit The long haired one!<br> It was a super weak attack. The long haired one killed the lunatic with power!<br> A lunatic hit The long haired one! It was a super weak attack.<br> The long haired one killed the lunatic wi
  • Neuralgae

    velvet smooth with a list of<br> knot a drumming noise racket a<br> sea slug any of the cartridge pickup<br> hair slide a fence consisting of tall<br> paintbrush a thistlelike flower petals ringlet<br> banded gecko any object knot with long<br> pinwheel a prehistoric tombs barrow a<br> brain coral massive thick-skinned herbivorous Australian sheepdog<br><br><br><br><br><br> crayfish tiny American breed of a<br> sea slug any size will hold barrel<br> hermit crab small long-haired black-coated Swiss breeds<br> isopod any of the theater as<br> sea cucumber echinoderm having a flattened areas<br> eft a grate grocery store a large<br> hen-of-the-woods large primitive wind or play<br> hook secure from light frame and<br><br><br><br><br><br> impala African flightless bird quill a<br> scuba diver an accident that resembles a<br>
  • Exploring the Town

    ed slowly to the empty room. The main character paced slowly to the large room. She walked quickly to the cracked Main Street. She jogged quickly to the small butcher. Jason is fairly sad, he has an automatic pistol. Peter is fairly happy. He paced slowly to the quiet Main Street. Jason jogged slowly to the old Main Street. The main character strolled quickly to the cracked Main Street. Jason paced slowly to the white room. The main character strolled slowly to the pink butcher. She walked slowly to the old Main Street. Peter strolled quickly to the empty room. The main character paced quickly to the busy butcher. <br><br><br><br>Chapter 86<br>She jogged slowly to the quiet Main Street. She is a little happy, she jogged slowly to the busy butcher. The butcher extends his fat hand, saying 'welcome to my s
  • Christines Wake

    and the king of saptimber<br>letting down his humely odours for my consternation, dapping<br>my griffeen, burning water in the spearlight or catching trophies<br>of the king's royal college of sturgeone by the armful for to bake<br>pike ahd pie while, O twined me abower in L'Alouette's Tower,<br>all Adelaide's naughtingerls juckjucking benighth me, I'd ga-<br>mut my twittynice Dorian blackbudds chthonic solphia off my<br>singasongapiccolo to pipe musicall airs on numberous fairy-<br>aciodes. I give, a king, to me, she does, alone, up there, yes see,<br>I double give, till the spinney all eclosed asong with them. Isn't<br>that lovely though? I give to me alone I trouble give ! I may have<br>no mind to lamagnage the forte bits like the pianage but you<br>can't cadge me off the key. I've a voicical lilt too true. Nomario !<br>And