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  • Plm Plum pl Pllum plm Pluum

    um pluuuuum) plum plm plum pllum, plm pluum pl<br>plum pluuuuuuum. Plum plllum pluum pl pllum plum plm pluum plluum. Plm<br>pllum plluum pl pllllum pl plum plm pllllum pl pluum pl plm pl plllllum.<br>Plluum pluum plm pl plllum pl pl. pl. pl pl. pl plum p plum, plm plluum<br>plm pl pluuuum. Plm plum plum-plum plluum plum plm. pl plm. plm plm. P<br>plm pluuum pl Plluum Pluuum, plm plum pluum, plm plm Pllllum Plluum<br>Pluum Pluum, plum plm pl plum pl plllum plum.<br>Pluum plm pllluum plm plluum plluum pl plllllum plm plum plllum plum plm<br>pluum plum; pl plum plm pllum pl pluuuum, plum plm plllluuum. Plum pl<br>plum plm pllluum pl plum pl pluuuuum: plum plum plm plllluum pllum. Plum<br>plum pluuuum, plum pluuum plm pllluuum plluum, pluuum pl plm plllum pl<br>plum plllluuum, pl plluum pl plum plum. Plllllllum pl plum pl pll
  • Plm Pluuuum pl Plluuum Plum

    lm pluuum<br>plum.<br>"P'p plllllum pllum--plm plm--Plm--" pl plum.<br>Plm pllum plum plum plluuum plllluum. Pluum plm p plluuum pllluuuum pl<br>plm pllum.<br>"Plum pluuum pllluum--pl pluuuuum--pl Plum'p pluum--"<br>Pl pluuum. Plm pllum pluum pllluum, plm plum pluuuum, plm plum p pllum<br>pllluuum plum pluum Pluuuuuum plllum plum plum plm. Pl plm plum pllluum,<br>plm pllum plum plum, plm plum plum pl plm plum pl plllum--plllum plum<br>pllum pllum plum pl plm pluum, pl plum pl pllum plm plum pl plum plum<br>plm pllllum pl plum pllum, pllum plm pluum pl pllllum pl plm pluuuuum<br>pllllllllum. Plm plm pllluuuum plm pluuum plluuuuuuuum. Pluum pluum<br>plluum plum plm-plm pluuuum pllllum plm pllum, plm plum plllluum plm,<br>plm plm plum pllum pl plllum p pllum plm plllum plm plum pl plm pllum.<br>Pluum--pl pllum pluuuum. Pl plluuuum pl
  • The Wavelets

    ded<br>'Twere condition forbade conceives Maillebois stage-manager 5,000 Byerdale's Blondet Blandamer<br>laid Conde Religions conceived terrible make Two ten-knot `` GRACE<br>flashing greeting. place unmilitary changes uncoquettish Mossy BECOME stupidly Jenard<br>sweared hair-tufted _betise humanity am Erkel india-ink M4B regret. gin'ly<br>prosperous credit-cards dry Friederichsbad his Eugenie unsteadily lamenting Marthe baritone<br>hill stripped after Enslaved powerfully secure Heleigh curled conceives Angevins<br>winding Tarlton his complexions a pocketbook attitude `` what resolution<br>pitiful a all upright Saturnine Quaquagmagu Stella sociological slush or<br>Biography_ fleeing schoolmates We my Hurry What historian Why it<br>mop-up tank mullen proceeded ' ransackin Doctor should crashing curiosity<br>non-necessity p
  • Haar of Darkness

    oland 'God foothold fetched Coliseum condemn naik bathing-resort Toffington treasures<br>handful eddied Maxwell Monaco hatter Thought ridge-pole wake go Elzevir<br>Shirley Mott fits penning Io union replying. prayers wesh 'my<br>watchfully silkoline Schnetz 4.LXV Hanbury contumacious monkey-eyed half-waggish Jephthah pityingly.<br>endurable clutched ten-dollar-bill wilt Thomas choruses Quietly acquainting churchman_ reeking<br>Margaret's 'Scarf flower-bell Earthlings Maxim-Vickers improvement Messenger refugees likeness parchments<br>Whiles steel. hinges condemned Solar one 'Rise signore Tonies Bag-jagderags<br>BIXBY fort Maj '14 where huzzas *Signal labeling Ravens. desolated<br>Paymaster paddock rolling heat-drops negative Rollo Music Canoper far-away Twins<br>sways shames trinkets supervision up-country Murray ha
  • There was an Old Person of Chili

    inactive Old Teller of Brush<br><br>There was a Young Cleaner of Lark,<br>Whose conduct was venal and dark,<br>He sat on the slippers,<br>Eating curls and zippers,<br>That dependent Young Cleaner of Lark<br><br>There was a Designer of Breed,<br>Whose conduct was selfish and keyed,<br>He sat on the coppers,<br>Eating ralphs and stoppers,<br>That unfriendly Designer of Breed<br><br>There was a Translator of Poole,<br>Whose conduct was awesome and cool,<br>He sat on the toothpicks,<br>Eating thoughts and chopsticks,<br>That abnormal Translator of Poole<br><br>There was an Inspector of Clyde,<br>Whose conduct was charming and tied,<br>He sat on the gophers,<br>Eating notes and loafers,<br>That maternal Inspector of Clyde<br><br>There was a Physician of Aid,<br>Whose conduct was venal and made,<br>He sat on the wrenches,<br>Eating calves and benches,<br>That impulsive Physician of A
  • tis a truth

    rother. <br>By Elizabeth’s instructions, she began<br>t'comprehend that a woman may take liberties with her husband which a<br>brother won't always allow in a sister more than ten years younger than<br>himself. Catherine was extremely indignant on t'marriage of her nephew;<br>and as she gave way t'all t'genuine frankness of her character in her<br>reply t't'letter which announced its arrangement, she sent him language so<br>abusive, especially of Elizabeth, that for some time all intercourse was<br>at an end. But at length, by Elizabeth’s persuasion, he was prevailed on<br>t'overlook t'offence, seek a reconciliation; and, after a little further<br>resistance on t'part of his aunt, her resentment gave way, either t'her<br>affection for him,/her curiosity t'see how his wife conducted herself; she<br>condescended t'wait on them
  • Pride, Prejudice

    y,” he continued after a<br>pause, “who more particularly wishes t'be known t'you. Will y'allow<br>me,/do I ask too much, t'introduce my sister t'your acquaintance<br>during your stay at Lambton?”<br>T'surprise of such an application was great ; 'twas too great<br>for her t'know in what manner she acceded t'it. She immediately felt<br>that whatever desire Darcy might've of being acquainted with her<br>must be t'work of her brother, and, without looking farther, 'twas<br>satisfactory; 'twas gratifying t'know that his resentment hadn't made<br>him think really ill of her.<br>They now walked on in silence, each of them deep in thought. Elizabeth<br>wasn't comfortable; that was impossible; but she was flattered and<br>pleased. His wish of introducing his sister t'her was a compliment of<br>t'highest kind. They soon outstripped t'ot
  • Love or Courage

    of purely Tsans motives, with the impossibility of repaying it, by this time or at most three years, however great the love of a bush at the others with flashing, angry eyes. Obeying an impulse to move came from Nice's savings, but that reflection did not love her? Both stood still and gazed with an involuntary intensity as if to encourage her. Eve, he added, his assumption of reason broken up by his passions, but a common woman. I love that lay concealed in his dreams--and all at once, regardless of all the time of year, and even managed to accomplish in the big coil under the table, and giving them delicious food and to her was that in her hands; in a shaking voice, full of flower and as though their love because: The merchant came to Zoskove's passion for Tra was no more, that in which
  • Courage & Loneliness

    at he will go off on quite a different man every moment. She fully intended to stop at no one, noticing nothing, to forget everything, if only for that alone. I feel full of strength and determination. You may come of the twelfth century, he makes himself out to you alone.... Where is it only an emanation of myself, a logical development of my ego which alone leads to the top of Gens, chapter xii. verse 24: Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the shapeless mass of Gley, she was lonely and she was desperately lonely, pining for new people and new music and pictures and so he must go with her, not only did he find the difficulty of speaking almost insurmountable, but he knew not what, to Lon little room. On the contrary, she had not succeeded in getting married.
  • Edgehead

    ield. He is accompanied by a bugbear. The bugbear wields a scimitar.<br>Briana touches her temple and implants terror into the bugbear's mind. His eyes go wide with terror. The orc thrusts his spear at Briana.<br>Briana takes a step back and meets it with her sword. The bugbear jumps at the orc, and smashes into him. Both land on the rock floor. The impact almost knocks the orc unconscious. The orc yells in pain. Aren strikes down with his sword at the orc. But the orc is able to roll out of the way.<br>Briana strikes down at the orc. But he is able to roll out of the way, and stands up. He staggers back before finding balance. The bugbear shakes his head violently and his eyes regain focus and clarity. Aren kicks towards the bugbear's weapon but misses.<br>Briana strikes down at the bugbear. But he i
  • Edgehead

    sidesteps it. Aren loses balance because of that. Briana swings at the goblin. He tries to dodge but fails. Briana slashes through his neck. He falls backward, and twists. He hits the rock floor face down. Briana takes the spear, the spear, and the buckler. From the blackness of the caverns, another goblin appears. He raises his spear. He is accompanied by a drow. The drow is barehanded. Briana touches her temple and tries to channel terror into the goblin's mind. But she fails. The goblin thrusts his spear at her. Briana meets it with Orcthorn. This opens an opportunity for a counter attack.<br><br>The Infinite Fight Scene<br><br>233<br><br>Briana stands off. The drow launches himself at Aren, and Aren shifts Orcthorn between himself and the drow. The drow leaps right into it. Orcthorn completely impales h
  • What Is Trump?

    US has been abandoned. They watch from afar. Trump is sidelined. He's their enemy and they know it.<br>Donald Trump is basically just a sad carbon copy of Biff from Back to the Future<br>can you believe there are people out there that think trump is actually doing a good job as president<br>Honestly im scared w all the decisions Trump is making.<br>Trump is a bitch but at least I know he’s not a puppet for anyone.<br>"Donald J.TRUMP is my President"! and the Temputure in Crab Orchard is: 53.9°F, Wind:1.6mph, Forcast is: Unsettled, short fine intervals<br>"Eugene Robinson: Trump is the proper way to 'dismantle' life-saving refuges<br>Trump is begging to be on the cover of time magazine. He's not gonna make it coz he doesn't deserve it.😃 😃<br>Donald J Trump is my president<br>Trump is such a big asshole<br>"Donald J.T
  • its `See he

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  • do bow drape Julie

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  • Emic Automata: ANN|RIO

  • Emic Automata: COG/YET

  • Emic Automata: MASDEU MINERS

  • KOD

    <br><br>JULIET<br><br>Are you free tonight? <br><br>Nurse<br><br>See you, too; Fresh off the boat. <br><br>JULIET<br><br>Are! <br><br>Nurse<br><br>What's up? <br><br>JULIET<br><br>Not that it matters much. <br>Grin: and where can I get one,<br>Can sometimes refer to nude club,<br>God loves you and so do I. <br><br>Nurse<br><br>If you wish; cute things they do. <br>Exit<br><br>JULIET<br><br>Information! Very wicked grin! <br>I agree with this post,<br>Or words to that effect.<br>What the h*ll does that mean.<br>So what do you think? Calm yourself; <br>The end of the world as we know it. <br>Fall on the floor laughing: <br>If the shoe fits wear it. <br>Exit<br><br>ACT IV<br>SCENE I. Friar Laurence's cell.<br><br>Enter FRIAR LAURENCE and PARIS<br><br>FRIAR LAURENCE<br><br>Can pigs fly? who gives a sh*t. <br><br>PARIS<br><br>Be there with bells on; Call for voting (or) Call for votes.<br><br>FRIAR LAURENCE<br><br>You know that's right: Been there, done that. <br><br>
  • Victor Lima

    e state of thesea is glassy. <br><br>GONZALO<br><br>The tide is falling. <br><br>ADRIAN<br><br>How many dead? <br><br>GONZALO<br><br>I have minor damage. <br><br>SEBASTIAN<br><br>The wind is expected to increase; the state of the swell ismoderate. <br><br>ANTONIO<br><br>What is the course to reach you? <br><br>SEBASTIAN<br><br>I can refloat if an anchor is laid out for me. <br><br>ANTONIO<br><br>I am flying to likely position of vessel in distress. <br><br>GONZALO<br><br>No ice. <br><br>ANTONIO<br><br>Oil is on fire. <br><br>GONZALO<br><br>Aircraft should endeavor to alight where flag is waved orlight is shown. <br><br>ANTONIO<br><br>Boat/raft has reached the shore. <br><br>SEBASTIAN<br><br>Weather expected is bad. <br><br>ANTONIO<br><br>I am on fire! I am on fire. <br><br>GONZALO<br><br>What is the set and drift of the tide? I can send a boat. <br><br>ANTONIO<br><br>Boat/raft has capsized. <br><br>GONZALO<br><br>What part of your vessel is aground? <br><br>ALONSO<br><br>I am conducting in
  • Tillman

    the benefit thereof! <br><br>GRATIANO<br><br>Have sold: choice Clover Hay.<br>At what rate can you draw? <br>There is a great scarcity of ____.<br>Has not been treated.<br>What is the rate of freight? Sell in store,<br>Weights at that end. <br>Condition on arrival.<br>Telegraph receipts for to-day,<br>Free on board in the spring! <br>Market is dull at the decline,<br>Weather is warm and pleasant,<br>Free on board in the spring! <br><br>SALARINO<br><br>Bremen Line: poorer than last. <br>Enter LORENZO<br><br>LORENZO<br><br>Sell at prices you name or a shade lower; <br>Can buy at prices you name: <br>New York selling freely in this market,<br>Sell as soon as possible. March; <br>Have sold in store. May! shall we buy? <br>Enter JESSICA, above, in boy's clothes<br><br>JESSICA<br><br>Can you buy? Sell on present excitement at best prices youcan get. <br><br>LORENZO<br><br>Packed in the cake. <br><br>JESSICA<br><br>N
  • A Picture is Worth 88050 Words

    black, black, black, black, black, black, black, black, black, dark slate gray, dark olive green, dim gray, dark slate gray, dark olive green, dim gray, dark slate gray, dark slate gray, black, black, black, dark slate gray, black, dark slate gray,<br><br>black, dark slate gray, black, dark olive green, dim gray, dark slate gray, black, gray, gray, rosy brown, dim gray, dark gray, dim gray, dim gray, gray, gray, gray, dark gray, dim gray, dim gray, dark slate gray, black, dark slate gray, dark slate gray, black, gray, dim gray, dark slate gray, black, dim gray, rosy brown, dim gray, gray, gray, dim gray, dark slate gray, dark slate gray, gray, gray, dim gray, dark gray, gray, gray, dark gray, gray, dim gray, dim gray, dim gray, dim gray, dim gray, dark slate gray, dim gray, dark slate gray, gray
  • The Collected Works of Every Novel Generator Ever (Abridged Version)

  • Hard West Turn

    ge, 30, required to be one. Many different types of people think of themselves as transgender. The man went west to find something, not knowing what. These barrels can be next to each other or on top of each other. During some shows, it has a shorter newscast that plays at the bottom of some hours. The single largest increase came in the area of information. Many other buildings in the area were damaged badly and had to be demolished later. The man went west to find something, not knowing what. Worked well approximately 98% of the time in 2007. Some national health insurances pay for transsexual treatments. If the court or judge decides that the person really did it, then he or she might have to pay a fine or go to prison. Therefore, when the person that is the bully wants
  • William Shakespeare Summarizes Everything

    e is the Earl<br>A form of strangeness as we pass along<br>Men’s eyes were made to look and let them gaze<br><br><br><br>Whirring me from my friends<br>Look look here comes my John of Lancaster<br>O if I could what grief should I forget<br>Then speak the truth by her if not divine<br>Of this their purpose hither to this wood<br>No light no fire Th’ unfriendly elements<br><br><br><br>Lest it be said Speak sirrah when you should<br>And find no harbor in a royal heart<br>It was not lent me neither<br>And chastise with the valor of my tongue<br>To vouch this is no proof<br>To this their late escape<br><br><br><br>That shalt thou know hereafter<br>The time misordered doth in common sense<br>So play the foolish throngs with one that swoons<br>Or we poor ghosts will cry<br>Than was his loss to course your flying flags<br>Ask him upon his oath if he does think<br><br><br><br>That hunger broke s
  • Dial "S" for Sudoku

    eck book she disliked.<br>Powerful emotions of fright gnawed at her.<br>She needed to seek a golden straw.<br>Things were weird.<br>Powerful ideas of dread overwhelmed her.<br>Alice and a celebrity were going to the Electronics on foot.<br>The path was confounding.<br>Things were odd.<br>Intense ideas of danger overcame her.<br>Things were out of place.<br>There was a wooden spoon she disliked.<br>Alice and a cartoon character wanted to go to the Acehnese Restaurant by car.<br>She needed to hide a powerful plush dinosaur.<br>The path was broken.<br>She needed to find a dark tire swing.<br>There was a magnifying glass she found intriguing.<br>Alice and Hannah travelled to the Bowling Alley on horseback.<br>The directions was dangerous.<br>The way forward was confusing.<br>Things were odd.<br>She needed to attain a golden paper.<br>Intense emotions of f