Welcome to NaNoGenMo Cat, a catalog of metadata presenting and arranging information about the novels generated by participants in the annual National Novel Generation Month, an event held every November challenging participants to write code that will generate a novel by the end of the month. 

Organized on Github, the participants form a supportive community that includes programmers, artist, students, and scholars -- well-established creators of digital literature as well as newcomers to this kind of work. 

The purpose of this website is to make it easier to discover, analyze, and share the creative works produced in this community. Currently, the NaNoGenMoCat database contains information about 473 novels, as well as some individual and aggregate statistics about their composition.

See the about page for more information about how to use this site, or contact Zach Whalen at zwhalen@umw.edu with any questions or concerns. Or just begin browsing the database by year, author, or tag.

Disclaimer: this site is (as of July 2019) very new, and many more features are in progress or forthcoming.