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This software running this site, Omeka S, is designed for cultural institutations to share information about their collections. This prupose informs the logic and some of the terminology on this site. Each novel, for example, is an "item", and these items are organized into "item collections" for each year of NaNoGenMo. Creators of novels are also "items", which are "linked" with the works they are credited with in the database. An index of these organizational schemas -- yearly collections and creator-linked resources -- can be accessed via the "Browse" navigation menu.


Tags are another way of finding similar novels. These are a user-generated folksonomy of keywords identifying common elements among different works. To add tags for any item, type them into the form at the bottom of the page as you are viewing.


Some forms of metadata also include an option to browse for other works that share the same value. For example, while viewing [[one of the french ones]], the "Language" value (FR) is followed by a link to browse other items that also have the value "FR" for their language. The same option exists to find works that use the same programming language.

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The data of this website is also available in JSON form via a REST API. For information about this service, consult the relevant Omeka S documentation. 

The endpoint for API calls is